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As a Utah mortgage professional with 30 years of experience, and more than 22 years specializing in new construction lending,  I have the understanding to place you with the loan product that best fits your financial needs and your budget. My team and I take the time to explain the mortgage process as well as every option you have to ensure you are informed every step of the way.

Whether you are buying your first home, renovating a home, or building your dream home from the ground up I strive to take extra steps to insure that your mortgage process is smooth and that all the details are managed in a timely and professional manner.

Your smile is my objective, I love it!

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Fax (801) 303-9106
NMLS 242466 / CA-DBO242466 / LO-0940665 / BK-0913402 / MLO-242466
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Your smile is my objective, I love it!

The Team
Ryan McEwan
Licensed Loan Officer Assistant
Fernando Perez
Junior Loan Officer
Erin Fennell
Licensed Loan Officer Assistant
Maddie Hall
Licensed Loan Officer Assistant
Brittany Michaelsen
Team Operations Manager
Alexis Thomas
Senior Processor
Heather Taylor
Sheryl Thompson
Janna Kimura
Anthony Barnes
Set-Up Processor
Jessica Martinez
Set-up Processor
Tristin Start
Transaction Manager
Alex Brower
Transaction Coordinator
Caitlin Dusoe
Team Marketing Specialist
Misty Burke
Client Relations
Randy Warner
Business Development Director
Morris Kunz
Relationships Manager
  • We want you to know how we feel about you and your incredible staff in helping us to get into our new home. We appreciate all of your hard work, honest and genuine care for other people. We are very grateful and tell everyone how wonderful we were treated. We are thankful for your amazing efficiency in how you took over a very messy load and turned it into a wonderful experience, we love our home, Thank you and your staff so much. You guys are truly amazing. Hope everything is going as great for you all as it is for us.

    Sheila and Bruce Lemon
  • Just wanted to let your whole team know how grateful we are for your sacrifices and hard work on this loan. You made the difference in our family's lives, your work matters :) Thanks again,

    The Wykstra Family (all 7 of us)
  • Thanks again for all of your help. I am amazed at how much you have shown that you care about us and how much others have lacked that. It has made this experience great. You have been so helpful and I really appreciate it. …. You guys are great and we will for sure use you again and recommend you to others.

    Heather Hickler
  • Thank you so much everyone for making this a great experience! I am so excited for this new adventure in my beautiful town house!Thanks again

  • You guys are so good and right on it, its so nice to be working with you guys. You will be getting all my business Thanks so much,

    Bob Chatwin
  • Thanks Marylee, you did a super job and I appreciate the professionalism. I will keep you in mind for future buyers.

    Steve Stringham
  • We just love the house an are very happy here thanks again for all you did for us .

    Dennis & Sheila
  • We want you to know how we feel about you and your incredible staff in helping us to get into our new home. We appreciate all of your hard work, honest and genuine care for other people. We are very grateful and tell everyone how wonderful we were treated. We are thankful for your amazing efficiency in how you took over a very messy load and turned it into a wonderful experience, we love our home, Thank you and your staff so much. You guys are truly amazing. Hope everything is going as great for you all as it is for us.

    Sheila and Bruce Lemon
  • Thanks, and you guys came well recommended and were great to work with. I’ll be passing your name along to anybody I know needing your services.

  • We missed you at our closing on Thursday but wanted to at least reach out to you and tell you thank you for all you did for our refinance. I always felt that you had our best interest in mind and even when you were busy, you still took the time to return my phone call or respond to my email. During the original close of our home, we worked with a different mortgage company and had a challenging experience with never knowing where our loan was at and endless un welcoming surprises that kept coming our way. You and your staff were amazing to work with and I would more than welcome sending my friends your way. Thanks again for all your efforts and we now look forward to 30 years of lower mortgage payments. Thanks again,

    Nate and Jerusha Buckner
  • Thank you for reaching out to us regarding such a awesome rate! You have always been a pleasure to work with and we were happy to send my sister your way :) Not only do you treat us well, but you seem to know other awesome people who treat us just as well! Thanks again for the excellent customer service.

    Curtis and Amy Davis
  • Without the help of your company our dreams never would have come true. Our little family was very lucky to have all you apply your knowledge, time and hard work!

    The Eddings
  • Marylee...I just called & spoke with you and I am excited to work with you again! You were so great to work with us years ago when our friend introduced us to you! LIke I said on the phone, I didn't think this was you as your picture has you not aging over the past few years!! I'm completing the info. below but wanted to tell you that you are SO refreshing to work with! I remembered your fun laugh & there it was again today!! So many people are way TOOO serious & it is great to see that someone knows you can be both professional & at the top of your game AND smile and laugh and have joy in your workday!! You are a breath of fresh air!!

  • Thanks for all your help & hard work Angela!!!! Beau & I are very excited about the house. Thanks again

    Ashlie Ramos
  • You guys are awesome!! I can't believe how fast!

    Brandon Woodward
  • Thanks again for all of your help. I am amazed at how much you have shown that you care about us and how much others have lacked that. It has made this experience great. You have been so helpful and I really appreciate it. …. You guys are great and we will for sure use you again and recommend you to others.

    Heather Hickler
  • I wanted to drop you a note and say thank you for all you did! You are an incredible loan officer. In fact, the best that I have ever seen! If you want, I would love for you to send me some of your business cards and your contact information!

  • I just wanted to thank you and your team for all the great work you did in the refinance of Keith and I's home, even though you and your team had a lot on their plate with moving to a new location they kept it together and professional.

    Carol Black
  • I just wanted to thank you both for all the work that your team did to make our refinance of our home happen, you all went that extra mile :)

    Carol Black
  • Good morning ladies, I just want to take a couple of minutes and tell you three girls that you are the best in your business. I know we would not be living in the house of our dreams let alone have our names on the mortgage papers if it was not for you. From the start of the loan process until signing of the papers I know you were there for us all the way and you went above and beyond for us. We love the house and just got our Christmas tree up and are planning on having our family over for Christmas eve dinner. I wanted to tell you guys thanks for everything you did and for getting me through the whole long process, I know I was a freak through most of it and you ladies were there to keep me calm and informed of what was going on. I am recommending you to everyone I know and I want to wish all of you a very merry Christmas and a great holiday season. I wish you all the best for the upcoming year and again thanks!

    Kim Howa
  • They all built new homes with DR Horton of whom Marylee is the preferred lender. “Marylee was absolutely the best mortgage experience.” “Everyone was friendly and reliable, and willing to go the extra mile to make the building experience a good one and to be happy with the ending”

  • Thanks Marylee. It was good meeting you, and fun closing with you. The Scott's are thrilled with the house. I will be in touch.

    Audrey Monson
  • I have to say I have never enjoyed working with anyone more than you and Angie. I feel like my business is better since I started using you! I really appreciate everything you do to help me succeed. Thanks again for just being the best!!

    Jamie White
  • Thanks for everything Marylee. We love our new home and are super excited to be homeowners!

    Holly Scott
  • Thank you Marylee. As I mentioned before, you and your team were great. I would highly recommend you to anyone who is trying to purchase a home.

  • Thank you for everything, the entire experience was awesome. Pass on our thanks to the entire team that made it all happen so quickly and painless.

    Jerry & Yon
  • I can't tell you how excited I am. Thank you, Marylee and Angie, for everything. You and your team have been wonderful to work with! Take care,

    Holly Scott
  • Hi Marylee I keep meaning to email, but never get round to it… I just wanted to thank you so much for my birthday card – you made my day, it’s nice to get an unexpected card. I hope you are well and thanks again!

  • Thanks again for being the best lender people ever!!

    Sean Himle
  • Marylee, Hey I just got your card in the mail for my birthday and wanted to thank you personally for sending it. It was very thoughtful of you to have do that. I hope that you are well and things are good. I do appreciate the business cards and will keep them to have ready when any is looking for loan help. You have been great and I think it is safe to say that I have found my loan officer for life. Have a great day.

    Jacob Maxfield
  • Marylee, You did a fantastic job! I was very impressed with how well you worked with us to take care of everything and address our concerns. I was also impressed with how well you were able to answer my questions. Other mortgage brokers/lenders I have talked to have had a harder time answering some questions because they don’t seem to have as much experience or as deep of an understanding as you do. We will definitely reach out to you if we ever have to refinance or move again (which I hope never happens because it’s a pain).

    Ed St. Louis
  • Thank you Marylee. Things went very smoothly and I attribute much of that to you. I appreciate all you did. Emily loves her place! I hope we do business again some time soon!

    Tracy Mansanarez
  • Marylee, You have no idea how much we appreciate everything you guys did to help us get in our house. Please pass along our sincere thanks to everyone on your team who provided assistance. I would gladly recommend you guys to anyone needing mortgage services.

    Troy Crawford
  • We used Marylee because she was the preferred lender of DR Horton. We had a great experience with her, Angie and Delena and can see why they are your preferred lender.

    Kathleen Carr
  • Thank you so much!!! I appreciated working with you Marylee, Angie and Delena. You made it so easy!

    Dana Reid
  • Thanks! Your legendary service continues! Best wishes,

    Dave Monaghan
  • Hi Marylee, My clients were thrilled with your service, and the way you went out of your way to accomodate them and their situation. As you know, they were originally going to use another big lender for their mortgage, but the convenience and rates that you provided convinced them that they would do better with you and your team. You were extremely responsive, and competitive. I will definitely refer you to future clients. Thank you again for taking such good care of my valued clients. If I can do anything for you in the future, please don't hesitate to ask. I would appreciate it if you would pass my comments on to your boss. Take care,

    Lori Calabrese
  • Dear Marylee I and Dhrumi would like to thank you from bottom of our heart for all your efforts and hard work you put in to get us loan for our dream house. It is very hard to believe that you put everything together in matter of days and got approved loan in just one week. Your honest and genuine opinion in every regards “personal and professional” helped us to make our decision. You are the best Loan Officer one could get, specially the first time home buyer like us. Once again thank you very much and appreciate all your help. Also we are hoping for long and friendly relationship with you.

    Ashit and Dhrumi
  • Marylee is a name synonymous with success in the Utah real estate community. Over the last seventeen years Marylee has rapidly ascended to the highest ranks of top producing mortgage lenders not only in Utah but the entire nation as well. Thousands of happy home owners have experienced complete satisfaction originating their mortgages with Marylee. It is no coincidence that Marylee works with some of our nation’s largest home builders as their preferred lender. This esteemed privilege within the industry is not because of luck or knowing the right person. In an industry where every loan and client is different, delivering on exactly what you propose from day one is essential. Marylee not only delivers, but consistently amazes clients with her meticulous attention to detail and service. In an ever changing industry it takes an individual with immense talent to thrive as the preferred lender of one of the nations largest companies. Marylee has cemented her status as one of the true “Super Star’s” in the Utah real estate community. Despite her enormous success, Marylee remembers every day how she arrived where she is today at the pinnacle of success. “It’s the little things that I remember every day with every client. I always put myself in the client’s shoes and remember that this is the biggest investment decision in most people’s lives. Whether you’re purchasing your first town home or building the home of your dreams, I understand the magnitude of the transaction and the emotions that come with it. Hopefully my attention to detail and constant communication assure that your mortgage experience is remembered fondly”. The numbers speak to her commitment. Aside from all of her business that comes from home builders and respected real estate agents, Marylee enjoys an enormous data base of repeat clients and referrals that directly stem from her commitment of impeccable service and communication with her client’s. If you’re looking for unparalleled service with the highest standards of integrity and ethics in the mortgage industry go with who many of the most respected professionals in the industry choose, Marylee. You will be thrilled with your experience.

    Steve Goorman
  • Thanks Marylee! That was a surprisingly painless process, and I really appreciate your candid answers to everything

  • I wanted to say thank you again for your professionalism and great attitude during this whole process from start to finish, you were a delight to work with. I am definitely going to refer you as often as occasion permits, no question. I also wanted to ask you in closing (you are right, we meet once or twice and then proof, we're gone) Thank you again for all you did for Kim and I.

    Chris Clark
  • Thank you very much. I'm very impressed with how seamless everything is running and how efficient everyone is. This is turning out to be a lot more positive than I had originally thought. Thanks for the cake too, that was amazing!

  • We cannot believe all of the miracles you and your staff were able to pull off. You made buying our first home a simple and easy process. As you know, we had been working with another bank since the first of the year. After many stressful and confusing events took place, we canceled with them and came to you at the suggestion of our builder- we are so happy we listened. We are amazed that one of the most powerful banks in the world could not accomplish in 10 months what you did in less than two weeks. First of all, we were impressed with the open communication your team exhibited. We received regular updates almost every day so we always knew where we were in the process and we always knew exactly what to expect. Second, everyone at your company was friendly and courteous. We felt like members of your family as even the underwriter called us personally to clarify issues. We were surprised that we were not only allowed to know the same of our underwriter, but even to speak with her. Third, we felt like your team was working for us and trusted us. The previous bank had made us feel as if they were trying to uncover some scheme that could be used to deny our application. Your group has treated all our financial information as if it were helping us acquire the loan, not hinder us from owning a home. Your team is amazing and we will tell everyone we know about our experience with you. Please especially thank Kellie and Dawn for all their hard work and support.

    Kim and Rob Gardner
  • Now and forever” for sure! Seriously, I cannot think of any other feedback other than POSITIVE! I will be sure to refer you business (in addition to mine) in the future. THANK YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH! People say buying a house is so hard…I think they are just using the wrong people.

    Amy Reynolds
  • Hey Marylee, Thanks! I told Amy she got the award for the smoothest transaction I have EVER done! Of course you were a HUGE part in that! I really appreciate it!

    Darcy Fewkes
  • Marylee, Thanks so much for the great help on all of this. I'm very excited to have a place of my own. I was really surprised at how smoothly this transaction occured. Thanks so much

  • Thanks for your help. In a day and age where mortgages aren't as easy as they used to be, I appreciate you making this so easy.

    Cindy Kuehne
  • Thanks! We are excited for our new house and appreciate all you and your team did to get us here as planned!

  • Thank you! You , Kellie, and Dawn were FANTASTIC! I will recommend you all to everyone I know!

    Tonya and Jason
  • Marylee, You have been a joy to work with. I've also enjoyed our chats. The new home has been perfect and we couldn't have done it without you!

  • Hello, I just wanted to thank you soooooooo much for everything you really helped a lot and we appreciate everything a ton you are very sweet and made everything go over smooth we wouldn't have asked for anyone better because you've been the best. :) we love our new home so much and everything turned out perfect because of your help so like I said we just wanted to let you know how thankful we are! Thanks Marylee,

    Amanda Wood
  • Thank you! You and everyone from your office was wonderful to work with. I had a great experience. Thanks,

    Melysa Moore
  • Thank you marylee the experience was an experience we will never forget you and your team made it as easy as possible by answering all our questions and our five thousand phone calls lol we appreciate everything and look forward to working with you in the future Thanks

  • Thanks Marylee!! You have been AWESOME. Thank you again for getting me that lower interest rate...I really appreciate it!! The new house is really fun! Totally worth it so far. :) Have a great day!

  • Marylee: Thank you so much. Everything from start to finish was very slick!!! Thanks for everything, we are settled in and love our home.

    Kevin and Kristina
  • Thank you so much Marylee, you’ve been great to work with!

    Tanya Perkins
  • Thank you! It was nice to close a deal on time for once. Thank you,

    Stephanie Sears
  • Hi Marylee, We are so happy with our new home. You and your team have surpassed our expectations. I did not think we would be able to close in such short time. Thanks to all of you. We will definitely keep you in mind next time we need loan assistance. Thanks again and have a wonderful day.

    Walter Duran
  • I want to thank all the support, patience and help that you gave me throughout the process for the acquisition of my new home. My daughter And I are very happy and grateful to you. My best wishes for all of you,

    Maria Holmquist.
  • Thanks so much. As a lender you were amazing, everything went smoothly. We had 12 days to be in our new home and they did awesome.

    Maria Greene
  • I was so happy with you as our lender. You were able to move up the closing date for us on very short notice and it helped us out tremendously with our schedules. You handled our questions and emails in a very timely manner. I fully plan on going through her on our future purchases.

    Brady Byington
  • Thank you, Marylee, for your follow-up. We are excited to be in our new home, even though it is amidst many boxes! Thank you for the service you and your staff provided throughout the process. Everyone was patient, kind, responsive, and very professional in the parts they played and the contributions they made along the way.

    Larry and Rae Lene
  • Kelly and I both want to thank you and your team for stepping in and getting our loan closed in less than two weeks from the day I called you. We were working with a previous lender and had some issues arise two weeks before our closing deadline. When I called you in a panic, you were great in calming my nerves and committing that you could get our loan closed by our deadline. You came through big time, you got us closed before the deadline and we are now enjoying our new house thanks to you. The next time I am in the market for a home loan there is no question who I will contact-You.

    Kevin Zenger
  • Marylee, I really want to thank you for your help, This has been a hard process, but I really don't think that I could of done ANY of this with out your help. Thanks a Million

  • Thank you Marylee for everything you did to help us get into our home. We appreciate your patience and the advice that you gave us. We are loving being in our new home! Thanks again!

    The Bangerters
  • I am very pleased with the process of home purchasing through Citywide, and will consider Citywide again in a year when I refinance for a 15 year loan.

  • Marylee and her team were awesome and helpful.

    Mercadez Barrett
  • Marylee was incredibly helpful and efficient. We truly appreciate her exceptionally speedy work that helped us get the house we truly love!

    Sarah Gallant
  • Marylee and Gus are fabulous!

    Dustin & Carmen Sims
  • When it came time to purchase our second home, there were a couple of names on our short list to use for financing. Marylee Gilchrist was one of those names. We had used her to buy our first home and were very happy with that experience. After shopping around, we determined Marylee was the way to go again. This was based not only on her ability to give us the best pricing, but also on her positive outlook on everything, and the ability to make things happen very fast. Long story short, we are in our second home now, we absolutely love it, and we couldn't be happier with how our financing went. The pricing we wanted, the speed we needed, and the ability to keep us comfortable throughout the process is why we would recommend Marylee's team to our closest family and friends.

    Mark & Kimberly Burrows
  • Jer, Tristin & Brittany Just wanted to let you know how much your borrower appreciated you girls throughout his process, he said over and over again at the closing table how you all really helped him stay calm when he was feeling anxious, and how grateful he was you stuck with him from the start of all of this. You girls really are so great to work with.

    Lesley Ulibarri
  • Marylee & Team, We can't thank you enough for all the work you did with helping us get into our new home. I personally have never worked with a more professional and competent group of ppl ever. I was impressed on how you conduct your business. We received a card from your office over a month, but have been so busy its been hard to get back at you. On a side note, we've been inspired into looking at going into real state, and if we need service that you offer, I won't look no where else beside CityWide. Your guys are the best. Keep doing what you do. Below is a pic of us the day we got the key.

  • Thanks so much Marylee, I appreciate everything you did for my family. We love our new place. We will keep you in mind for anything else we might need.

  • Dear Marylee, I just wanted to express my gratitude for all the work you and your team have done for us. I enjoyed continuous communication and updates. I also want to thank you for answering my text messages, especially on weekends. I recommend you to all my coworkers that are considering selling and purchasing a new home. I am grateful that I got a chance to meet you in person as well. Thank you

  • Marylee, Thanks again for all the work you've done to help us. You really made our first house buying experience a good one.I'll definitely refer any friends looking for a loan to you. Thanks!

  • Just wanted to let your whole team know how grateful we are for your sacrifices and hard work on this loan. You made the difference in our family's lives, your work matters :) Thanks again,

    The Wykstra Family (all 7 of us)
  • Thank you so much for going the extra mile and getting us the loan. We appreciate your dedication and hard work. Thanks to you and your staff we were able to buy our first home.

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