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Downsizing to a smaller home is not only cost effective, but can be pivotal in stress reduction. For senior citizens in particular, a smaller home can make a massive difference.

  1. A smaller house means more income to channel into other activities. Larger homes often require far more upkeep. From landscaping to utilities, the more space you have, the more money you’ll undoubtedly have to spend on the upkeep. A smaller home helps combat these higher costs. Additionally, this money can be channeled into leisure activities such as traveling, buying a new car, shopping, etc.


  1. Not only will you save money on upkeep but you’ll save money on your mortgage as well. Mortgages can be the biggest financial drain depending on where you live and the value of your home. Downsizing, especially for seniors, may significantly reduce your mortgage payment or eliminate it all together. Not having the imminent mortgage payment hanging over you is a stress reliever in itself. Any mortgage you have, should you choose to downsize, will be significantly less than your previous one.


  1. Less space is a secret benefit of downsizing. For many, it may be hard to conceptualize how less space could possibly be a benefit. However, for senior citizens especially, it may make all the difference. Less space can help in reducing unnecessary clutter or items you have accumulated over the years. When you downsize from a larger home to a smaller home, you will likely have to spend some time deciding what stays and what goes. Decluttering is a great way to clear your physical space, and in term clear your mental space.


  1. A new home offers a clean slate. While starting anew can be daunting, it also allows for a clean slate and a fresh start. Our homes are more than just our living spaces, they hold our memories both good and bad. A new home can serve as a bookmark for a new chapter in life. This is doubly true for senior citizens who are settling into retirement, and/or less responsibility.


  1. If you’re a fan of decorating or interior design, a smaller home offers many options to be creative. Decorating a new space whether bigger or smaller can be fun in itself. With downsizing, you can pay more attention to each individual space, without having to worry about breaking the bank. You may also find that your budget can go much further in each space, if you only have half the rooms to worry about. With less space, you can also find unique and innovative ways to combine décor and storage.


  1. For seniors with mobility issues, a smaller home can make a world of difference. Having to navigate a large space when you have mobility issues can be a gigantic stressor, especially for senior citizens. In smaller homes, seniors may find it exponentially easier to travel from room to room. A smaller home allows for a more accessible mobility system, particularly if the home is only one story.


  1. A new neighborhood lends itself for new adventures. Have you ever wanted to live in a neighborhood, but couldn’t find a house in that area that fit your specific needs? Perhaps, on average, the homes were beautiful but didn’t give you the space you needed for a growing family. With less space, comes less requirements for housing. You can now revisit neighborhoods you wrote off earlier. New neighborhoods can give a new sense of community.


  1. For seniors, they may find a neighborhood that is more reflective of their demographic. Certain neighborhoods often are more desirable to certain populations. Seniors in particular may find themselves more comfortable in an area with individuals in the same life phase. Family neighborhoods can often get more traffic and noise, than say neighborhoods where the population has more seniors.


  1. Buying a smaller home also helps to reduce your environmental footprint. Not only does buying a smaller home benefit you, but the environment at large. You will need less energy and utilities for the upkeep or a smaller home, which in return means less materials used in general. Small houses are also generally built in more walkable areas, which means you can save gas and minimize pollution by taking a walk versus getting in the car.


  1. When it comes time to clean the house, you’ll save a lot more time. If you’ve ever done a deep clean on a home, you know how time consuming and stressful it can be. The less space you have, the more easily you can clean the home. In fact, you may find a deep clean is less necessary as you may more consistently sanitize a smaller house. Additionally, with less rooms comes less opportunity for spaces to sit dormant and gather dust. The stress of having to do a big overhaul cleaning is a thing of the past!




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