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A clean home is a happy home, and there is no convincing us otherwise. Sure, messes happen, but having a system in place to keep your home organized and put together is crucial to the success of keeping those messes from becoming absolute chaos and out of control. We don’t mean the kind of organized where everything is really just a mess, but you know where everything is. Truly, fully organized, where everything in your home has a clear purpose and a clear place to be within your home.

Get rid of everything unnecessary


The first step to a clean and organized home, is to get rid of all of the clutter. The things you don’t need and don’t use. If you haven’t used something for a few months, chances are, you wouldn’t miss it if it weren’t in your home. So get rid of it. This is a lot easier said than done, we know. But this is truly the first step to having the organized, joyful home of your dreams. You honestly just can’t be organized if your home is filled with useless things you don’t actually need. We recommend going through your home room by room, and getting rid of everything that doesn’t spark joy, as Marie Kondo would say.


Get bins and organizers for everything


Now that you’ve minimized clutter and useless items in your home, you can actually organize everything. Everything in your home needs to have a clear place that it belongs. Don’t be afraid to label all of your organization bins, no matter how silly it feels or sounds. By labeling things, you take away the guesswork. You make it easier to find things, faster, and it also helps the other members of your household to get on board with you and keep things clean and organized.


You don’t have to do everything at once


Looking at your entire home, as a whole, can be overwhelming and exhausting. How are you supposed to organize everything. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was your home organized in a day. Go room by room, take weeks and even months to completely convert your home into the organized, joyful utopia of your dreams.