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There’s something about a new year starting, and saying goodbye to the previous year, that makes us want to purge our entire home in pursuit of organization and cleanliness. You might call it spring cleaning, just a few months early. There’s nothing wrong with getting a little bit of a head start. It can be a really overwhelming mess, to look at the task of organizing your entire home.

Take it one room at a time


To avoid getting overwhelmed, force yourself to take your organization project one room at a time. This will not only make it an easier project to tackle, but it will keep your home from being an explosion of a mess while you attempt to get everything organized. One room at a time is simply much more manageable. Start with the room you want to be organized the most, and don’t allow yourself to start the next room until you’ve completely finished with the first one.


Get rid of the things you don’t use


This seems like a very obvious step to organization, but we always have such a hard time getting rid of things we don’t need, even when we very clearly don’t use them and have no use for them. If you have a bit of a hoarders complex and are having a hard time parting with a few items, put them in a bag and put them in your garage temporarily. This will help you part with it more gradually. If you don’t go back out to grab those items out of necessity within a month, then you don’t need them, and can go and donate or throw them out.


Invest in containers and bins, and label everything


You can labor for hours to organize your home, and then end up with a mess within a few weeks, as if all of your effort was or nothing. The best way to ensure that you’re going to stay organized, is to allow yourself to invest in organizational bins and containers for each room of the house. Label everything, so you can remember where everything is supposed to go. If every item in your home has a very clear place that it belongs, it will be so much easier to keep everything organized and looking nice.