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We all know the importance of curb appeal. The idea of curb appeal can be a bit vague, aside from the idea that your home should be beautiful to look at and inviting, from the moment that someone pulls up to your home. And it’s easy to tell whether or not someone has curb appeal. If your curb appeal could do decidedly better, here are a few of our favorite quick ways to improve your curb appeal.

Trim and tidy your lawn


If your lawn is overgrown and taken over by weeds, your curb appeal will be pretty much set at zero. Even if the rest of your yard is absolutely beautiful, you need a clean looking lawn in order to really maximize on your curb appeal. The great thing about this is it’s such a quick fix, and even if your yard is admittedly unattractive, a tidy lawn will make it miles better. A quick mow over the lawn, and a bit of weed killer, will turn your lawn around.


Add a few trees


Trees are an inexpensive way to add value to your yard. What only costs you a small amount of money, will end up not only improving the air quality around your house but it will actually increase the value of your house, as well as your neighborhood.


Add barriers between lawn and other areas of yard


If your garden bleeds directly into your lawn, and your walkway isn’t differentiated, you would probably benefit from adding a few barriers to separate the different areas of your yard. Line your garden with rocks, to keep it separate from the lawn. If you have trees, consider digging up the grass and replacing it with flowers, and then using paver stones to separate it from the rest of your yard. Small things like this make a big difference in making your yard look more tidy and put together.


A few flowers go a long way


Speaking of flowers..if your yard doesn’t have any, you should definitely invest in some! You can easily find some low maintenance flowers to add to your yard that will come back year after year. It will add color to your yard and make it look more appealing.