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A young couple unpacks boxes in their new homeIt’s interesting to think about what America will look like after another decade has passed. What will our national landscape be? Perhaps more so than political motivators (we could all do with a little less politics this year, after all), one of the biggest drivers behind how America grows and changes has to do with where people decide to live within it. Migration rates are the crystal ball that lets us see how the country will develop, and where people are more inclined to live. Here are the states with the highest migration rates in 2015, according to United Van Lines…


Oregon isn’t just the state that had the highest migration rate in 2015, but it also had the highest migration rate for the previous three years. Based on the United Van Lines study, roughly 7 out of every 10 moves across the state border of Oregon are people who are moving into the state.

There are several major reasons for the influx of migration to Oregon. Similarly to Northern California below it, Oregon has a burgeoning tech industry (lovingly called Silicon Forest). These tech companies, such as Tektronix and Intel, bring a large amount of economic growth to the area. Many people moving to Oregon also cite the green environment, clean air, and natural landmarks as major reasons for migrating. The cost of living in Oregon is also relatively low, although these costs have been leveling out, due to the increase in housing prices caused by this migration influx.

South Carolina

While many people are choosing the Northwest as a perfect living destination (especially younger couples and families), there is also an influx of people moving to the Carolina’s, especially the southern one. According to the United Van Lines study, over 62% of interstate moves in South Carolina were inbound.

While migration to the northwest region of the country is primarily driven by younger Americans, incoming migration in the south is largely done by older individuals who are reaching the retirement age. The warmth and climate in a state like South Carolina is a major draw for many people, as well as the amicable culture of most of the population. The cost of living is also over 7% lower than the national average, although wages are also lower as well.

Please note that all numbers are based on percentages, and not in total numbers.

Continued in Part 2.