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Giving Back

Citywide Helping with HomeAid!

Your Opportunity to Pay-It-Forward

HomeAid is a leading national nonprofit provider of housing and resources for people experiencing homelessness, operating through a network of 19 chapters in 13 states.

HomeAid’s Mission is building new lives for America’s homeless through housing and community outreach.

HomeAid’s Vision is to be a vital force in ending homelessness.

HomeAid’s Mission is to build new lives for families and individuals experiencing homelessness through housing and community outreach.

HomeAid has three Core Values

  • Every individual has worth and human dignity and deserves the basic provision of shelter as a necessity of life.
  • Most people experiencing homelessness do not want to be without a home.
  • We have a civic and moral responsibility to respond to the crisis of homelessness in this nation by engaging each person’s individual resources and talents.

Citywide employees have the ability contribute in multiple ways. For one time contributions, employees can click HERE and donate directly through Home Aid. if you would like to set up monthly or reoccurring contributions for a period of time contact Cassie Parault at (801) 506-1664 or email her at CParault@citywidehomeloans.com

For more information on HomeAid, visit www.HomeAid.org