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Low Cost Updates That Increase Home Value

Boosting your home's value doesn't have to break the bank

Whether you’re about to embark on the moving process, or just want to spruce up your living space, low cost updates can gradually boost a home’s value. These affordable changes are minor, but will make a lasting impact. Here are some small tweaks you can utilize to boost your home’s overall value:

Skip professionals and do it yourself. If you’re particularly handy, consider doing small projects yourself. This is a simple way to cut costs. Know how to do your own crown molding? Have a penchant for painting? You can save a considerable amount of money, and perhaps have fun in the process.

Check for small fixes in your bathroom. When it comes to a home’s value, bathrooms are surprisingly important. Something as simple as changing a toilet seat cover can add instant appeal. The cleanliness of your bathroom is undoubtedly something potential buyers will notice. Consider regrouting any tile that looks dingy, or replacing any chipped tiles.

One of the easiest and most affordable fixes is paint. Paint can change the entire feeling of a room. If you notice any need for touchups on existing paintjobs, you can quickly remedy those with a small coverup. Or you can repaint the entire room if it looks like it could use some revitalization. Make sure you invest in painter’s masking tapes and tarps to keep paint from splattering onto undesirable places. If you’re looking to completely repaint a room with a new color, get some advice from professionals. Certain colors can drastically open up a space.

Check the condition of your carpets. Over time, our carpets tend to reflect the wear and tear of daily life. Assess the conditions of your carpets, are their stains or concentrated dirt patches? Do you have pets who have been hard on the carpet? The vast majority of carpets do not need to be replaced before selling, but carpet cleaning can be surprisingly affordable. Get some quotes from companies in your area to give your carpets some affordable deep cleaning.

Light it up. Lighting is a simple and easy way to improve your home’s value. Even picking up a new lamp from your local department store can make a substantial difference. You may even find an eye-catching chandelier for relatively cheap at a home improvement’s store. Small upgrades on fan blades and light fixtures can change its entire look.

Assess your curb appeal. Don’t forget to look outside of the home. Potential home buyers will see your house from the outside and this will instantly determine their first impression. Make sure your landscaping is kept up to date, and all gardens and foliage are maintained. Pocket size tasks like making sure your house numbers are visible, and mowing the lawn, can yield great results.

Update floor runners and rugs. Rugs are another item that experience wear and tear. It may be time to upgrade them if you notice they’re starting to fade or unravel. Adding a welcome mat, if you don’t already have one, can make your home seem more inviting from the outside. Additionally, certain floor runners can be a great aesthetic and practical upgrade for stairs. They can prevent any slippage as buyers navigate the house, and create an easy accent touch in the process.

Hardware is an affordable way to revamp a kitchen. Is your kitchen hardware outdated or not so practical? Hardware is cheap, and incredibly easy to install. If you’re looking for a change that is subtle and practical, hardware is the place to start. Many home improvement stores will let you take sample pieces to test out before you buy an entire set.

Add practicality and storage. Older homes are especially limited in their storage space. Installing shelving, or getting pieces for your home that are both pleasing to the eye and practical can make a space seem more functional, for a potential buyer. Something as simple as a bookshelf can help in maximizing your space.

Last but not least, treat your home well. A well taken care of home is usually quite easy to spot. If you invest proper care into your home, the results will show. Clean your home when necessary, make sure appliances are working smoothly, and fix small vanity issues whenever you can. Your home will ultimately reflect the amount of care you put into it.