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Your Home’s Maintenance Budget

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HandymanOne of the biggest mistakes that we see homeowners make is in planning out how much money they’ll need to set aside for upkeep. Your house is a major investment, but it’s also subject to entropy, just like all of us. Without consistent upgrades and upkeep, it will depreciate in value each year. (more…)

Brannon Bartley – Hello and 2017 Closing Disclosure

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Understand Your Homeowner’s Insurance

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Homeowner insurance policyHomeowner’s insurance is meant to protect your biggest investment. It helps you to repair and rebuild in the case of a disaster. It usually goes beyond that, too, giving you liability insurance (in case someone is injured on your property) and protection for your possessions at home and while you’re traveling. (more…)

Tips to Help You Save for a Home

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Home piggy bankOne of the most common financial goals that people have is to be able to buy a home. Here at City Wide Home Loans, we love to help people reach that goal. If you’ve set your sights on becoming a homeowner, here’s our advice to help you save up for a down payment, and to help you get a better rate when you take the plunge: (more…)

Where Are People Moving To?

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Couple unpacks boxes moving truckThe primary accessible tool that people have access to, in order to study stateline migration trends in the United States, has been the United Van Lines’ national movers study for four decades.

When it comes to seeing where Americans are going, and what they are leaving behind, the United Van Lines study has enabled us to see trends that will shape the future of the country for years. Here’s some information about the latest study, and what this information might mean… (more…)

Tips for Furnishing Your New House

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Furniture shoppingWhen you make the move into a new house, you might find yourself with much more room than you’re accustomed to. This is a wonderful thing! But it can also be overwhelming if you haven’t furnished the space.

Furniture and decor can account for thousands of dollars of investment. It can also take a lot of time and effort to get things just how you want them. Here are some tips to help you thoughtfully furnish your home: (more…)

Is Your House 20 Years or Older?

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Pretty old houseYour house isn’t what you’d call a fixer-upper, but it’s not exactly a spring chicken either. While the fact that a house is over 20 years old should certainly not discourage you from buying it, there are still some things that you should know. (more…)

How Emotion Affects Your Home-Buying Decision

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Homebuyers touring houseBuying a home is a huge decision. Most of us spend years planning, consulting with professionals, crunching numbers, and making lists. However, in the end, choosing a house comes down to a gut decision. As much as we might want to think that it’s a logical calculation, there are a lot of emotions that come into play.

Many homeowners make their final decision based on “a good feeling,” or perhaps, “I just really love it.” In fact, in a study in Australia, almost half of homebuyers reported paying more for a house just because they “really liked it.” (more…)

How to Know the Best Time to Sell Your Home

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Model house by alarm clockSelling a home can be a stressful experience, especially when you consider all of the little things that you need to watch for, in order to make sure that you get the most money for the home that you’ve built over the years. One particular aspect that people get hung up on is if now is the right time to sell, or whether they should wait and try to sell the home when market conditions improve. This shouldn’t be your top priority to consider when selling a home, but there are still some factors that you can look at to see if now is a good or bad time to sell your home… (more…)

Little Things to Check When Looking at a House

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Contractors inspect a homeWhen purchasing a home, there are several important things that homeowners need to consider, before they end up putting money down on a monstrosity that they are going to regret. Luckily, the home inspection should be able to sort out most of these things and give you an educated outlook on whether or not you should buy a home. However, there are several things that might go unnoticed or unchecked on a home inspection that you should take the time to check yourself… (more…)

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