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Preparing your home for a showing may initially seem like a daunting task, but these simple staging tips will ensure that your home is walk-through ready. Even the most beautiful of homes will benefit from some extra TLC during showings. The following are some simple tips and tricks to get the ball rolling.

Let the weather naturally work its magic; opt to sell during the more lucrative seasons. Typically, the temperate seasons of Spring and Fall will be ideal for selling. Winter is universally the least ideal season to sell, as your home’s presentation is often obstructed by the elements. Another bonus to showing your home in the more temperate months? Buyers won’t feel rushed by blistering heat or intense cold. A buyer is far more likely to spend time viewing a home when their comfort is prioritized.

Looking for a fast way to give a facelift to any room? Turn on all the lights! This includes lamps and other small light fixtures. Certain accent lighting, in particular, will accentuate your home’s best features. This is especially important for areas that may lack access to natural light. A well-lit home can dramatically alter the appearance of a room, with minimal effort required on your part.

Invest in small upgrades. Are there any quick fixes that you can immediately attend to? This can be as simple as changing the hardware on your cabinets, or freshening up your living room with a new coat of paint. Tying up the loose ends of your rooms can make a substantial difference come show time.

Always remember the importance of curb appeal. The outside of your home is essentially an advertisement for prospective buyers. A disheveled exterior may lead buyers to conclude the inside hasn’t been well maintained. You don’t want to isolate buyers before they even have the chance to get indoors. How can you boost your curb appeal? It can be as simple as keeping up to date with your lawn’s care. Additionally, you can invest in small aesthetic boosters like planting flowers, or purchasing some outdoor lighting. You’ll be surprised how a simple tweak can make a world of difference.

A cluttered room is almost always an automatic no go. It may seem like a no-brainer, but going the extra mile to keep spaces clean is pivotal. When staging your home, try to eliminate as much clutter as possible. This also entails keeping the house in pristine condition. Before a showing, clean your home thoroughly. An otherwise positive experience, for a buyer, can be tainted by dishes in the sink, or papers strewn all over a desk.

Depersonalize a space. In the same vein as decluttering, depersonalizing your space is a good idea. Do you have numerous pictures of your family all over desks and walls? Now may be a good time to temporarily take them down. Or what about last year’s Christmas cards still on the fridge? Find a new home for them to live in that’s out of sight. Small everyday items like toothbrushes and pastes should also find new homes. It may initially seem jarring, but this allows for the buyer to envision all of their personal items in the space instead.

Beware of pet odors. Pet odors can be highly acidic in nature, and over time you can become desensitized to their presence. Any sign of pets should be immediately hidden to potential buyers (this includes smells). Don’t ever leave a litter box, dog dishes, or other pet care items in plain sight. Worried about pet odors permeating your home? Getting your carpets professionally treated can help revitalize them.

Play up the unique features of your home. Do you have an exceptionally beautiful brick fireplace? Or some particularly pretty French doors? Bringing attention to the unique accents of your home is a surefire way to make a space memorable. You don’t need to break the bank to do this either. Simple adjustments to lighting or strategic placement of furniture can help frame a space.

Speaking of furniture, it too can contribute to unnecessary clutter. If possible, investing in a temporary storage unit can help free up space for certain rooms. However, if you don’t want to spend the cash to store furniture, rearranging it can also help to open up certain spaces. Be creative, and dedicate some time to trying out different positions for your furniture.

Last but not least, prioritize keeping the space fresh. Lighting candles, or burning incense before a viewing can add a small personal touch without compromising the space itself. Be mindful not to use overpowering scents, and stick to scents that are universally liked. Sometimes just running through the house with a neutralizing room spray will do the trick. Another suggestion? Add some well-placed flowers to a room for a pop of color. The key to “keeping it fresh” lies in also keeping things subtle. Use these aforementioned tips to enhance a space, not overwhelm it.