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Leaves are changing, the air is getting crisp, and fall is upon us. The mild weather makes fall the perfect time of year to work on home maintenance inside and out. Our quick and essential guide to fall home maintenance will help get your home safe and cozy, just in time for winter!

First Things First

Safety is one of the most important reasons to maintain your home before colder weather settles in. Ice, snow, and temperature drops can create a lot of hazards inside and outside your home if you aren’t prepared for them.

Inside Safety

Take a tour of your home and be sure to check these maintenance tasks off your list.

  • Clean out your fireplace or wood-burning stove. Hire a chimney sweep or burn a creosote log to clean out your chimney.
  • Make sure you have carbon monoxide and smoke detectors installed in each room of your home. If they’re already installed, test the batteries to make sure that they’re working.
  • Clean out your dryer vent to prevent fires. There’s a great tutorial here.

Outside Safety

If the outside of your home is prepared for winter, you’ll be preventing a lot of possible damage, saving yourself money and time. Here’s what you need to do to get a head start on ice, rain, and snow.

  • Clean gutters and securely fasten them to your home. Piles of leaves and stray branches can lead to water backups. That water could freeze, leading to icicles that can take down a gutter that’s not properly secured.
  • Trim dead branches and shrubs. Heavy snows can cause dead branches to snap and fall. Not only are falling branches dangerous, but they can also cause a lot of home damage.
  • Make repairs to railings and loose steps. We wouldn’t want to add any more falling hazards to the ice and snow!
  • Cover your exposed pipes with rubber insulation. Make sure to drain and shut off any outdoor water sources. This will prevent bursting pipes when temperatures get below freezing, saving you a lot of money and a big headache.

Cozy Up Your Home

Now that your home is safe, it’s also reassuring to know that your home is comfortable and efficient. Here are some general fall maintenance tasks that will keep you cozy.

  • Weatherize windows and doors. A tube of caulking goes a long way around doorframes and windows. Add weather stripping to keep cold drafts out and warm air in.
  • Check for cracks in your exterior walls. Seal up any spaces on your exterior to prevent any unwanted critters, snow, or rain from joining you in your warm home.
  • Change the filter in your furnace and have your heating system serviced by a professional.
  • Wash blankets, pillows, and curtains.

Winter will be here before we know it! Fall home maintenance is essential for an enjoyable winter. Make it a goal to complete one task a day, and by December, you’ll be ready for a long winter’s nap!