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With the weather warming up, that familiar spring itch is back: the spring cleaning itch. Something about that warmer weather just makes you want to purge your closets, redecorate half of your home, and fix everything that isn’t exactly how you want it to be. While you’ve got the magic eraser out and you’re scrubbing down every visible surface of your home, here are a few home updates you should consider doing this spring.

Do a little painting


A little bit of painting goes a long way. Even in areas that you think may be insignificant. Painting a piece of furniture that is looking dingy will absolutely change the way the entire room looks, trust me. If your front room is a color you hate, paint it! Paint your front door. Install shutters and paint them a complementary color to your front door. Even just pulling out a paint brush and touching up the paint in rooms where the paint has chipped or somehow sharpie has made its way onto the walls.


Update a bathroom


Bathrooms are one room that often gets neglected, but shouldn’t be! A stunning bathroom can be a selling point for a home that someone is otherwise questioning their purchase decision on. You can update your bathroom in small sections, which will make it more affordable. Start by painting it. Swap out cabinetry. Hang a new mirror. Replace the sink and vanity. Consider tiling the shower. All together, remodeling a bathroom is a huge task, but it can be a long project that slowly transforms your bathroom into the one of your dreams.


Give your garden a bit of green


Having plants in your yard and in your home is a great way to improve the air quality in and around your home, boosts curb appeal, and is a fun thing to keep you busy during the warm months. Find a few low maintenance flowers to plant out front, maybe plant a tree, and get a few small plants to keep inside. This is such a fun way to celebrate spring, and adding plants and especially trees to your property can increase the value! Just make sure you research the trees before planting and make sure they won’t get too big and become a hazard or take out any power lines.