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When you’re decorating and designing your home, there are so many decisions that you have to carefully consider. With many things, you’d assume it would be as simple as choosing a paint color before setting up your couch and hanging art on the walls. The colors that you choose to bring into your home have such a big impact on not only the overall feel of your home, but also how all of the elements of your home work together.

Play it safe with neutrals


The majority of your home will probably end up being neutral colors. This doesn’t mean your home looks monotone or boring, in fact, the opposite. If you have a home full of bright colors, it’s hard for your eyes to focus on one thing. This results in home decor that seems eclectic and somewhat out of place. There is a place for those beautiful and bright colors, but it isn’t all over your walls. When you’re picking a color for the paint on your walls, choose a neutral color such as an off-white or shade of grey, because it is versatile and will go with so much more.


Pick colors that go with what you already have


Do you already have furniture that you love for your front room? Keeping these items in mind is going to be the best idea when redecorating, unless you want to completely redecorate and get new furniture. The smartest idea is to consider the color of the items you love, and pick complimentary pieces and paint colors based on what will naturally go well with the furniture you already have.


Make a statement with an accent color


Having a basis of neutral colors in your home gives you more freedom to make the colors that you love stand out. A red velvet couch becomes a beautiful statement piece, rather than bogged down by various, brighter colors. If you choose an accent color for an accent wall, or a statement piece of furniture, incorporate that same color in a few smaller ways throughout the room, to make the entire room more cohesive. If you have two blush accent chairs, add a few pieces of art with blush tones, and maybe a blush throw pillow on your couch. These small touches help your room make a statement.