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Melinda Hennessey
Regional Sales Manager
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I am the Regional Sales Manager, and Loan Officer Assistant to Tony Pinto, who leads Citywide’s Pinto Region. I have more than ten years of experience within the mortgage industry.

I am extremely focused on assisting my clients with their home loans and truly enjoy the process of loan assembly. I confirms various details of requested files, package them up, and prepare them to be sent through the underwriting process quickly and efficiently, with minimal conditions. My favorite part of the transaction is building the file and moving it across the finish line so buyers can celebrate their new home purchase. I am passionate about helping clients accomplish their goals, which is also the most rewarding part of my job.

I currently live in Idaho and enjoys hiking, fishing, and all the outdoor activities my beautiful state has to offer. I also love spending time reading and being engaged with family and friends. I am driven, detail-oriented, kind, and empathetic.

Contact Info
Direct Phone
Office Phone (208) 202-7808
Fax (610) 492-4023
NMLS 979450
  • ID
  • UT

Licensed By: Dept. of Financial Institutions, License: #12025040

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