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What’s it like to live in Salt Lake County? It’s living in a place that’s equally connected to its community and outward natural wonders. It’s the impossible dream of having all you need within one city’s limits. It’s a big city with a bigger future and a small-town feel. Salt Lake City continues to see growth in housing, competitive employment opportunities, and protection of its natural amenities.

We see the strength of a city forged from nothing, and the potential to become a home to any and all who seek it out.

Our Utah loan officers know this city like the back of their own hands. Those born here and those who’ve called Salt Lake County home later in life can agree that the moment you’re here, you’re part of something greater.


We’re Faster, Safer, and Easier

Whether you’ve worked with a mortgage lender before or never had the need, one thing is clear. Lending is rarely a simple process. It’s our job to filter a complicated procedure to make it faster, safer, and easier for you. We’re by your side, from easy applications to quicker loan approvals. What we can provide is invaluable; experience, confidence, and a passion for your future.

More Experience Makes for a Better Experience

We’ve been in the game for over 20 years. Throughout that time, we’ve figured out what works and what doesn’t. We stick with what works but keep our finger on the lending pulse.

Our team is made up of individuals who understand your situation. Regardless of whether you’ve found your dream home in the heart of Salt Lake City, or are refinancing your family home in Sandy, our mission will always exist around offering better products, stronger strategies, and competitive rates.

Creative Solutions for Unique Situations

Our combined experience gives us the chance to provide creative solutions for unique situations. You’re more than a client added to a list. Self-employed, purchasing an investment property, or exiting a hard money loan? We’ll build strategies around you, never the other way around.


Citywide Home Loans is proud to be a part of the Salt Lake community.

We’ve grown with, for, and because of our city. From our first branch to for fourteenth, every location throughout our city and beyond incorporate the principles and pillars of trust that we first built our company upon.

This is where we started. This is our home.

Our journey has been decades-long. As the premier lender in Utah, we’ve helped countless families get the loans they need without the hassle.

Salt Lake County is where we started it all, and will forever be our home. Although our offices now span across 37 states, our branches and loan officers are dedicated to helping you, from start to finish, no matter where you’re located.

A significant part of finding a lender is shopping around, so we aim to set ourselves apart from the rest. We don’t want you to waste precious time. If you’re searching for a lender you can trust, you’re ready to move forward with your future plans. We’ll help you clear the path.


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