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The lifestyles offered by Fresno, California are some of the biggest draws in California’s real estate investment market today. While California’s more populated and well-known cities, like Los Angeles and San Francisco, are both too expensive and overcrowded for the average family to seriously consider investing there, Fresno is smack-dab in the middle of the state—  granting the people who live there the broadest range of access to all the best that California has to offer. 

While citizens of any major Californian metropolis can only dream of breaking through the hours of heavy traffic to enjoy the beaches and the mountains, Fresno residents benefit from a truly central location; situated right in between three of the most exquisite areas along the Sierra Nevada Mountains: the Sequoia, King’s Canyon, and mighty Yosemite National parks. Each of these parks also happens to be within one-hour drives from the city, so you could hit all three in a single day. 

Here are the top five reasons to relocate to Fresno: an economically booming lovely place to hang your sunhat:

1. Big City Living & Small-Town Charm

If you like the amenities of big city living, but prefer the tight-knit closeness of a smaller community, Fresno offers the perfect blend of vibrant, unique, boutique shopping experiences, as well as a thriving art scene. Many homebuyers who contact us about moving to Fresno are relocating from larger metropolitan areas; usually, they’re most concerned about leaving behind the adventure, culture, and wealth of possibilities that define a big city. However, between large theatrical venues, the dynamic Fresno Art Museum, and the Tower Theatre of Performing Arts, Fresno has lots to say about culture.  

2. Agricultural Dynamite

Enjoy the benefits of Fresno’s local year-round growing season, as the breadbasket of the nation keeps you fed with unmatched produce. Fresno boasts the country’s best farmers and best growing climate, and residents enjoy access to world-class Farmer’s Markets throughout the year. As such, Fresno is also a self-proclaimed “foodie’s” dream, as it’s home to some of the best restaurants in all of California. Stocked by the same produce that makes Fresno famous, the city’s incredibly talented chefs take “Farm to Table” to the next level.

3. It’s About Family

As a city that prides itself on its spirit of community, Fresno is a wonderful place to raise a family. Fresno’s “University High School” is also the best-ranked school in all of Fresno County, and is ranked in the top ten for high schools in the entire state of  California. For a relatively small city within one of the most densely populated states in the nation, it’s an astonishing stat. The award-winning educators attribute the success to their close ties with Fresno City College, which allows students to take concurrent classes and earn college credits as they attend high school. 

4. Affordability

Many buyers can afford properties in Fresno that they just couldn’t afford in bigger cities. Buyers can relocate from San Francisco up north—or Los Angeles down south—and benefit from a market that has not priced them out. Lifestyles and homes in Fresno are so affordable, and the cost of living is so reasonable, and it should be high on your list if you’re looking to update your living situation. 

5. A Blossoming Community

Fresno is a thriving community that blends its gateway access to fantastic national parks, a pulsating art scene, and tight-knit family-based neighborhoods into one moderately-sized city. Make sure to make your move now, while it’s still one of the most affordable cities in California to live in. Contact Citywide Home Loans today to consult about your home loan options with one of our experts.