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Out of all of the design trends we’ve seen over the years, one of our favorites, and the one that seems like it’s here to stay, is minimalism. Minimalism isn’t just a type of decor, but it’s a way of life. The idea that there is no reason for clutter, and if something in your home doesn’t have a clear purpose, and it isn’t something that brings you daily joy, that you should get rid of it. Seeing this philosophy translate to home decor has been a beautiful process.

Keep your surfaces clear of clutter


Clutter is a minimalist’s nightmare. Piles of junk mail on the counters, shoes strewn in a path from the front door, empty cups covering the space by the sink, and a bathroom countertop covered in unused products is not the way to live. So many of the surfaces of our home seem to be a magnet for clutter. This isn’t necessary! So how do you keep these surfaces clutter free? Look over these surfaces, and ask yourself what is necessary. What is serving a daily purpose? The things you don’t need, get rid of. The things that you do need, find a better way to store and organize them. Put things away on shelves, cupboards, and cabinets. Once you’re done using them, put them right back away again.


Create a neutral space


A neutral color scheme is the way to go when it comes to minimalism. Subdued hues will become your best friend. These neutral colors look fresh and clean, and it inspires a feeling of calm and peace within your home. When you do introduce bolder colors into a space, you want to make sure you select colors with solid pigment that go well with the neutrals you already have in your space, such as greens, tans, blue, and other earth tones.


Quality over quantity


You don’t need a lot of things in your home, you just need good things in your home. Go ahead and spend a little bit more on dishes that you love looking at, and throw out those plastic plates you cringe at when you see them in your cupboard. We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it a thousand times, when it comes to the things that you’re choosing to put in your home, if it doesn’t bring you joy, throw it out.