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A couple stares into the distance at their new home in a field.Moving into a new home can certainly be a nerve-racking experience. The place that you have called home for the past however long will no longer be the big part of your life that it was. Now you’ll have to embrace a new place, with all of its little quirks and eccentricities that you are not used to. The most difficult part about all of this is that the place you live, sleep, and eat in may not really feel like it is your home, at least at first. This is no reason to shy away from moving, though! Every new and exciting chapter in life will have a few challenging steps, and settling into a new home is merely one of those. Here’s some tips on how to do just that…

Try to minimize clutter

The process of moving to a new place can come with its fair deal of stresses. This is why it is important to give yourself a step up in dealing with this stress by making sure that you have a good environment to conduct a proper headspace. An important part of doing this task is trying to minimize the clutter that can amass in the moving experience. Entering your new home to an unbearable mess will make you associate what should be a place of solitude with the anxiety and negative feelings of a mess that you need to put back together. For this reason, try to have as organized of a moving experience as you can. This will help you out your home in working order sooner, rather than later, so that you can begin to settle in and actually feel like you have a home.

Make the layout all your own

You may have seen how a previous homeowner had decorated this particular layout, or you may have noticed how a similar layout was decorated in the past. Well, you don’t have to put your new home together anywhere near the same way, and perhaps even shouldn’t. Doing something that is uniquely you with the way that you set up your new home and life will make it a lot easier to begin to feel like you have ownership over this new situation, which will help you feel better connected to your environment, and like you’ve finally found a new home.

Take time to know the neighborhood

You now live in a new place. This is inherently exciting! This new neighborhood is like a treasure trove of new places to explore, things to find, and people to meet. So why wouldn’t you make the most of it? This is no time to be trapped as a homebody! Get to know each of your neighbors. Grab dinner with them and have them tell you a bit about the neighborhood. Get to know some of the cool, hip spots where you can start to feel like you are part of the community. Take in local sites and shops. Doing these types of activities will give you a sense of belonging, and make you more of a local than a tourist, which is what being at home is all about.