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Couple unpacks boxes moving truckThe primary accessible tool that people have access to, in order to study stateline migration trends in the United States, has been the United Van Lines’ national movers study for four decades.

When it comes to seeing where Americans are going, and what they are leaving behind, the United Van Lines study has enabled us to see trends that will shape the future of the country for years. Here’s some information about the latest study, and what this information might mean…

States people are moving into

When you look at the states where people are moving, it has trended west for pretty much as long as the United Van Lines study has been around. The fact is that, since the east is full of population centers, it would make sense for people to move to westward states, where there tends to be a lot more room and less established neighborhoods.

However, since people love to move to coastlines, this has meant that the Pacific Northwest, as a region, has become increasingly popular. Here are the top states with inbound migration in the United States:

  • Vermont: Vermont bucks the trend of westward state migration, but solely because its population is already so low. People are discovering that there is tons of undeveloped and beautiful land in Vermont, and the sudden surge of incoming migration has been a longtime coming.
  • Oregon: Oregon was the top state for inbound migration on United Van Lines list for several years, only to be unseated by Vermont. Still, Portland, Oregon is the third most moved-to city in the country, and cities along the Oregon coast are becoming even more popular moving spots.
  • Idaho: Idaho benefits from being a fairly low-population state in the mountain west, but also being incredibly close to states like Oregon and Washington. The low-cost of living in Idaho and fresh mountain air has made the spot more popular as a place for retiring Boomers.
  • Nevada: Lots of inbound migration in the United States is caused by Boomers reaching the retirement age, and looking for a new environment to spend that retirement in. While that caused Florida to have a migration boom for a while, this trend has moved more towards western states, and Nevada is a popular destination for retiring boomers who want warmer weather than the Pacific Northwest.